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palli-dlIn TIME magazine’s first issue of the year, there is an article entitled ‘The Places You’ll Go’ about the sights to see in 2014, from Picasso’s Paris comeback to the aurora borealis in full bloom.

They mention six places in the world, one of them Iceland.

It seems like every travel blog, every travel magazine, every magazine is mentioning Iceland as the next hot destination.

Last year, 800,000 tourists visited this small North Atlantic republic.

This year, one million, three times the population, are expected.

On the radio, I heard someone talking about the boom.

We need to hire 7,000 more people, to service the incoming visitors.

And it is mostly low paying jobs like changing bed sheets, buying toilet paper, serving in the cafeteria.

Is this what we want?

Plus some places are now over crowded, like the Gullfoss waterfall and Reynisfjara beach.

The nature of Iceland is unique. And Iceland is small, small if every two minutes a full bus arrives at the same spot.

Then, what do you see? Only the back of the next tourist.

Not the unique and unpredictable nature of Iceland, hiding somewhere behind the colorful Gore-Tex jackets.

Welcome to Iceland.

Páll Stefánsson - [email protected]

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