Night Will Be Day (PS)


palli-dlThe aurora borealis forecast was perfect late last week.

Two nights in a row I became a hunter, a hunter for the perfect northern lights picture.

Two nights in a row, I returned home empty handed. Or did I?

I got some great images in almost total darkness. Half a moon was sending back the smallest amount of light.

A good tripod and great sensor, like on the Sony RX1R, can do miracles.

The camera saw things I did not see. Details on the glittering moonlit ice became vibrant and visible.

winter_nighttime_psBut the biggest challenge of photographing the long arctic winter nights in Iceland is not the cold. It is the wind.

Half of my images, even with the sturdiest Gitzo tripods, were blurred by the wind. So my best advice: find a tree to get shelter from the storm.

But, then you have another problem: there are no trees in Iceland.

For that, I have no solution.

Páll Stefánsson - [email protected]

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