One One Two (PS)


palli-dlPlanning a trip to Iceland in January? Here are the "best" tips for an unforgettable trip:

1. Drive from Reykjavík to Norðurfjörður in the Strandir region in the West Fjords. The chances that the road is open are minimal, but it’s open today. When it closes, and that can happen any day, it can take up to one month to reopen road 643, from Hólmavík north to Norðurfjörður, the only road connecting the village to the rest of Iceland.


2. Drive from Reykjavík to Patreksfjörður, along road 62. The roads are icy, it’s far between farms, there’s no gas station and there are strong winds and snow storms on the mountain passes. Great drive for people who like to be lost.

3. Take road 85 from Akureyri to Raufarhöfn, the northernmost village in Iceland. Here the winter storm is harder, the northern lights brighter, and there is a more than 50 percent chance of getting stuck on Melrakkaslétta. It’s a day’s walk to get help.


4. Lake Mývatn, a nature paradise with geothermal hot springs, small volcanoes to hike, and the best outdoor spa in the republic. But to make the trip up north more memorable, make a hole in the frozen lake, and try to swim. Ice ice cold!

5. If you are a bad driver, or want to be completely on your own, owning the road, take road 745 from Skagaströnd to Sauðárkrókur, a half circle around the Skagi peninsula. Beautiful scenery, slippery road. No one except you.

112 is the number to call, when you are lost or stuck.

Bon voyage.

Páll Stefánsson - [email protected]

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