I Am the One (PS)


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I am the one of 98 percent of Icelanders with access to the internet. Maybe I am (very) late to say this, but the internet is the future. For a photographer/journalist who loves paper, loves books and magazines, it is the difficult truth. But I loved newspapers, except the Economist which calls itself a newspaper but is a magazine). Today, I almost never sit down with a newspaper. I have seen all the news on the internet. And news from all the strange corners of the world. I can follow what is happening in CAR, Juba or Ouagadougou. The problem with Ouagadougou is that almost nothing happens there. I do not like social media; I am not on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. But I have started to like Twitter, a lot. Great little media. With the internet the world of media is changing, and fast. John Paton, CEO of Digital First Media, said in a speech in Miami on January 23. “And yes we won’t forget print but when we are finished this process it will be the bolt on to digital and not the other way around …. Hate that word content. It’s like saying cargo. Well, there are all kinds of cargo all with different value. We don’t do content we do journalism and our cargo is precious.” In two years, maybe in just a year, the media landscape will have changed, maybe more than in the last 100 years. Almost everything we do, and see, is done on bigger and bigger phones. No paper. The only paper left in our lives is by the toilet.

Except, of course, for high-quality books and magazines.

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