Talent Returns (VH)


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Our government is good and smart.
It never fails to play its part.
And now it has the perfect plan
To tempt the educated man.

The knowledgeable and the bright
Are ready now to book a flight.
They left a country lost in debt
Where unemployment posed a threat.

But clever rulers find a way
To stop the flow to USA,
To Europe, Asia—anywhere.
They’ve got to show they really care.

They’ll bring the expats back on planes
And show them they can use their brains.
Creative minds will get a chance
To help their countrymen advance.

The talented are in demand.
They’ll be rewarded in this land.
Of hopes and dreams there is no lack.
They’ll all be happy to be back.

The nation’s ills can now be cured.
Prosperity will be ensured.
What cures what seemed refractory?
A fertilizer factory.

© Vala Hafstad - [email protected]

A recent report from Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkur) MPs states the party’s interest in investigating the feasibility of constructing a fertilizer factory as soon as possible in Helguvík or Þorlákshöfn. The party stresses the importance of “instilling hope in the hearts of young Icelanders” and “enticing Icelandic expats back home.”

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