No Free Lunch (VH)


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We once had a boom and went shopping

And shopped day and night without stopping,

But then came the crash;

We ran out of cash.

In stores, you could hear a pin dropping.

IKEA saw Iceland lose power

To purchase a bed or a shower,

So one day a year,

They brought us good cheer

And gave us free meat to devour.

This Bursting Day meal was appealing.

We entered the store weak and reeling,

But once we’d been fed,

Euphoria spread.

We knew that our wounds would start healing.

IKEA was simply pretending

To care, but was really intending

To lure us back in

(We’d all grown so thin)

And give us the strength to start spending.

The plan was a brilliant idea,

For profits went up at IKEA.

They now make us pay

For lunch every day.

We’re bursting with rage. Mamma mia!

© Vala Hafstad - [email protected]

Director of IKEA Þórarinn Ævarsson told Morgunblaðið earlier this week that people had been eating so much of the ISK 2 saltkjöt og baunir (salted meat and bean stew) on 'Bursting Day´ that they were vomiting.

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