Ticks (VH)


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We are plagued by the worst kinds of ticks,

And against them there is not a fix.

If they bite you, infection comes fast

And the damage is heavy and vast.

They won’t kill, but the victims will change

And begin to act distant and strange.

At the outset, the victims imply

They’re compassionate—that’s just a lie.

They will promise to give you a voice

And reiterate you’ll have a choice,

But as long as they’re plagued by this pest,

They will fail every confidence test.

As Samaritans they’ll masquerade

And betray every promise they’ve made.

Once they’ve mastered deception and tricks,

There’s no cure for corrupt poli-ticks.

© Vala Hafstad - [email protected]

Vala Hafstad is the author of News Muse: Humorous Poems Inspired by Strange News, available on and

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