Fifty-One Percent (PS)


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At the last election ten months ago, the Progressive Party and the Independence Party, which make up the ruling coalition, received a combined 51 percent of the vote.

And now they rule like Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - with fist, not listening to the people.

Kim Jong-un, by the way, is much more popular with his people than the government of Iceland. In last week's election he received 100 percent of the vote from 100 percent of the North Korean population.

Here in Iceland, only 82 percent of the population wants to vote on whether or not Iceland should continue accession talks with the European Union.

The government which received 51 percent of the vote - and is now supported by just 40 percent, according to the latest poll - refuses to listen to its people.

Like Kim Jong-un.

Páll Stefánsson – [email protected]

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