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A few years ago, a friend of mine talked about this project she was taking part in, The Weird Girls Project. Back then, she told me it was an art project for shy and insecure young women and it would help them to come out of their shells.

The Weird Girls Project is an ongoing art experiment created and produced by the multi-talented artist Kitty Von-Sometime, who is based in Iceland. The project is a series of video clips and photo shoots. The participating girls never know when or where the next happening will take place, so every event is a surprise to them as well.

The whole oeuvre is not only the actual clip but also the making of including the women’s reactions, preparations, costume fittings etc., which is really interesting to watch as it shows the process of the participants adjusting to their roles.

The Weird Girls come from very different backgrounds and are of varying ages and have different reasons for taking part in the project. Some like the artistic aspect of it and enjoy dressing up in costumes, other seek self-realization or self-confidence.

What I love about this undertaking is that it “involves ordinary women rather than professional actresses or models and part of the inspiration was to encourage a gain in self-confidence within women, especially focusing around body issues and a release of inhibitions.” Kitty Von-Sometime is dead-on with this motto and knows exactly what moves us women.

I guess it’s safe to say that every woman struggles with her self-perception at times and has body issues. I know so many young women that doubt themselves which is a real shame for they are beautiful and magnificent creatures.

So I salute you, Kitty, what a wonderful job!

The first episode with the theme Neon Fame And The Last Supper was shot in 2007 and I remember people talking about it. Back then I admired all those cool, pretty girls and thought how brave they were and that I would never dare to take part in this project. But things have changed now, over seven years of living in Iceland has made me a much more self-confident woman.

My favorite installments are Beauty is only skin deep, Secret Garden and Exocoetidae. But you should watch all of the episodes!

Since the project’s beginnings, fifteen regular episodes have been created along a few special episodes. The last episode taking place in Iceland was shot in 2012.

But now the magnificent Weird Girls Project is in danger and the girls are trying to raise money through crowdfunding.

In their call for donations the women talk about how the Weird Girls helped them gain confidence in themselves, enabled them to move beyond their comfort zone and enriches their lives. It would be such a bloody shame if there would be no more projects in the future.

If you want to support The Weird Girls, you can donate here.

Do it and you will immediately feel better!

In the name of all women, thank you for the project. Because we all have some weird girl inside of us.

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