A Girl Named Missile (VH)


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The people deserve our respect

Who either accept or reject

A name for a girl or a guy;

The stakes are incredibly high.

A recent example will show

They rescued our nation from woe

By stating they will not permit

A name they have deemed as unfit.

So “Missile may not be a name,”

Is what all those experts proclaim.

“If we do not block it, we might

Cause terror, destruction and fright.”

Imagine the headlines we’d see

While sipping our afternoon tea:

Like “Missile was fired by jerk,”

Or “Missile is going berserk.”

And “Missile is guided by dog,”

Or “Missile gets lost in the fog,”

And “Missile about to explode,”

Or “Missile on bus by the road.”

So don’t underestimate those

Who limits on names do impose,

Because, in the literal sense,

They make up our Missile defense.

© Vala Hafstad

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