PM on UN Climate Report (VH)


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The UN report appears frightful;

To us, though, it’s simply delightful.

We shouldn’t succumb to such fear,

But focus on laughter and cheer.

The problems abroad do not matter.

To me, they are meaningless chatter.

And why should I care about drought

In lands I know nothing about?

They talk of the sea level rising.

It doesn’t sound all that surprising.

So what, if the snow cover shrinks?

It isn’t as bad as one thinks.

For here is our chance to make money.

The future for us appears sunny.

It’s good to get rid of the ice:

A cruise on the Pole will be nice.

And just as the weather gets nicer

Up here, in the land of the Geyser,

We’ll cultivate barley and wheat,

And corn that’s delicious and sweet.

You know we have plenty of rivers.

I’m truly a man who delivers.

They’re cash cows, as everyone knows,

So dam them is what I propose.

And damn all the press and petitions,

And critics of auto emissions.

The trees in our country ain’t tall;

No reason to hug them at all.

© Vala Hafstad

'PM Causes Controversy over Climate Change Comments' - Iceland Review, April 3, 2014.

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