War & Peace (PS)


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I went from the Lebanese/Syrian border straight to the Faroe Islands last week. From war to peace.

The Faroe Islands is probably the most peaceful country on Planet Earth. Syria is at the other end.

In Lebanon I met hundreds, thousands, of refugees fleeing from their country of origin, Syria. People, just like you and me, who have lost everything. Hoping for better times to come.

The wait can be long. A generation.


More than million have arrived, just to Lebanon alone – a country with a population of 3.6 million.

In total, 2,633,099 Syrians have left their country. Most are refugees in neighboring countries. Many more are displaced within the country.

In Lebanon, the hardest thing was seeing all the children, without proper education, proper food, without shoes. Without hope.

And thousands are crossing the border every day, seeking a better life.


Faroe Islands

In the Faroe Islands, life is as good as anywhere.

With the most beautiful light on planet earth. Heaven for photographers.

There is the light; but not for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

There, the light is out.

Text and photos: Páll Stefánsson - [email protected]

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