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Our capital needs some improvement.

It’s time for a change to commence.

Please vote for the Density Movement.

We’ve got to make Reykjavík dense.

Our sensible movement is striving

To make all the citizens fit.

To do so, we’ll keep them from driving

And force them to fitness—that’s it.

We’ll knock down garages with vigor

And build where the cars are today.

We’ll combat pollution with rigor:

A city with cars is passé.

The citizens better start biking—

No room for a car or a bus.

On weekends, we’ll tell them, “Go hiking.”

We trust they won’t make any fuss.

The airport must go—we will trash it

And build where the runways are now.

The terminal building—we’ll smash it.

An airport is no sacred cow.

Utopias tend to be pretty.

The one we envision makes sense.

We hope that our capital city

Becomes, just like us, very dense.


An article on page 4 in Morgunblaðið last Friday details plans to increase the density of Reykjavík by knocking down garages, eliminating parking lots in certain parts of town, and building apartments on currently vacant lots.

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