Moving Around (PS)


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16,820 foreigners have moved to Iceland since New Year’s Day 2009. And in the same period, 21,291 Icelanders have moved from Iceland to another country.

17,100 foreigners have moved from Iceland in the same period, and 14,642 Icelanders moved back home.

The world is changing. People are now more willing to move abroad, for jobs, security and education.

But there are walls: a Syrian refugee, an Afghan carpenter, or a Peruvian potato salesman, have no chance of seeking a better life in Iceland.

Boys in Benin

Boys in Benin, photo: Páll Stefánsson

Iceland is inside the wall that (Western) Europe has built up, so people within the area can move freely. No others are welcome, except in very special cases.

Icelandic governments have been very inhuman, strict, in their immigration policies.

Iceland is closed.

We should open up our borders; let more people in, from all corners of the world.

Then, Iceland would be an even better place to live, work and study in.

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