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I needed a model floating in Jarðböðin (Myvatn Naturebaths) for an image for the next issue of Iceland Review magazine.

I was working on a short picture-driven story about the pools in North Iceland and had Float, newly designed floating gear by Unnur Kristjánsdóttir, with me.

I found the perfect model, a Canadian girl traveling around Iceland for a week with a friend. It was her first time in the Republic, and now she were floating around a geothermal pool in North Iceland.

I asked her if she would like to be a model for one image. Her answer: “why not?”

Then, before the shoot I asked them “why Iceland?”

“We had a week’s break and had decided to spend it in Peru but couldn’t get a standby ticket [They work in the aviation industry]. Every flight was full,” they said.

“So we changed our plans and went to Iceland instead. Simple as that.”

I asked: “And now you are here by Lake Mývatn, why?”

“It is very simple. We did not know so much about Iceland and picked up a copy of Iceland Review magazine the first night we were in Reykjavík. We saw a story ‘A trip to the Past’ and decided to rent a car and take that trip to see the old turf building at Bustarfell.”

Bustarfell is a farm and folk museum in Vopnafjörður, just 728 kilometers (452 miles) from Reykjavík, as described in the Iceland Review story which I wrote last minute for the magazine.

They had no clue that I was responsible for their trip up north.

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