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My neighbor Gunnar is the perfect man. Or shall I say the perfect Icelander.

It is maybe more accurate to say that he is the perfect barometer of us Icelanders.

A year ago, everyone who came into his video store, the largest in Reykjavík, and close to the last in the republic, heard the same song: vote for Framsóknarflokkinn (Progressive Party) and Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, now our Prime Minister.

Close to 1 in 4 Icelanders believed the party’s promises, and voted for the party.

One year later, all who visit his great store, get the opposite song: Sigmundur Davíð is a traitor, he lied to me, and all Icelanders, broke all promises he gave, he is a big fake.

In the upcoming municipality elections in Reykjavík, in ten days, the party has, according to the latest poll, less than three percent support.

I agree with Gunnar, but thankfully for my heart, mind and soul, I did not give the party, which my great-grandfather founded, my vote in the last elections.

I know how Gunnar is going to vote, in the upcoming elections. I’ll keep that to myself but I know who will govern the capital for the next four years.

Hint: starts with D or B.

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