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Even though it is still one month to go, or 29 days to be exact, I am already hyped up about the newest edition to Iceland’s festival schedule: Secret Solstice.

Secret Solstice is still a festival virgin being held for the very first this year on June 20-22.

The location is Reykjavík’s Laugardalur, a recreational area with swimming pool, concert halls, petting zoo, sports arena and botanical garden. There is also a camp site, so you basically have everything you need in the one location. When not attending the festival, you can go and pet the ponies at the ‘zoo,’ sit in the hot pot at the pool Laugardalslaug or take a walk through the majestic botanical garden.

And for the hardcore festival goers among you, I recommend setting up your tent at the camping site.

Now about the music: the festival features over a hundred artists both local and international from a various array of genres. For being such a festival newbie Secret Solstice has done quite an impressive job signing on some pretty brilliant artists.

Apart from the usual Icelandic suspects (such as Múm, Hjaltalín, Gluteus Maximus, Samaris etc.) we will get to see big artists such as Massive Attack, Disclosure, Woodkid, Schoolboy Q, Jamie Jones, Banks, Carl Craig.

To be completely honest, the only reasons I bought a ticket are Massive Attack and Woodkid. These two artists are just amazing and it’s hard to contain my excitement.

Usually I don’t get that excited about music festivals. I do love the music but I’m just not a big fan of being stuck in a huge crowd so I rather just skip the festival.

This time is different because of Massive Attack and Woodkid.

They are just too fabulous. Who knows when or if they will come to Iceland again.

Another temptation I had not expected is this year’s ATP Iceland (All Tomorrow's Parties) held at the former NATO base in Keflavík on July 10-12. The line-up this year is just excellent: Portishead, Fuck Buttons, Kurt Vile, Devendra Banhart, Slowdrive, Swans, Interpol, Mogwai... just to name a few.

Oh my, I want to see them all! Lucky for me I do not have to chose and can have them all.

And there are a lot more music festivals to come, big and small ones.

2014 is a good year in Iceland.

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