The Pain of Pigs (VH)


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To statutes authorities cling.

Preposterous charges they bring

Against us, the farmers of hogs,

And nickname us monsters and dogs.

They tell us we’re cruel, insane,

Ignoring the tormenting pain

Of piglets, thus, breaking the rules,

Removing their male breeding tools.

Of course we don’t follow a law

We know has a terrible flaw.

A vet and a painkiller will

Just bring an additional bill.

Our profits must never go down.

Upon any law we will frown

That change to our status might bring.

And pain is a relative thing.

But why all this anger and hate?

And when will they ever abate?

Consumers may boycott all ham

And turn toward Icelandic lamb.

They say we are pigs, we are swine,

Obsessed with the farm’s bottom line.

They shout at us, “Suckers!” and say,

“Don’t torture your piglets today!”

“We’ll ruin your status,” they claim,

“Your emasculation our aim.”

Our enemies spitefully sing,

“Your pain is a relative thing.”

© Vala Hafstad

The head of the Icelandic Pig Farmers’ Association stated in a RÚV interview on May 24 that pain is a relative thing. Pig farmers in Iceland have failed to obey a law enacted at the beginning of the year, which requires farmers to administer anesthesia to piglets before castrating them.

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