Möðrudalsöræfi & Shame on Them (PS)


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The day and night before the municipality elections, I took a drive around Iceland. I was back in the capital in less than 24 hours.

I did not see a single political poster on my trip, and after 11 pm by Lake Mývatn, and heading east, south and the west towards Reykjavík, I didn’t see any cars for hours to come.

But in Möðrudalsöræfi, I caught the midnight sun at midnight. Beautiful in the calm crisp weather.

midnight sun

There is still snow along Ring Road 1 one day into June.

Five hundred kilometers from Lake Mývatn I passed the first cars in rain and a storm.

The weather was very different from the sunny and warm North Iceland several hours earlier.

Back in the capital I went straight to vote. I was one of a record few.

Not since 1928 have fewer Reykjavíkites voted; one in three stayed home. Mostly the young ones.

I’m glad that only one in ten of those who voted in Reykjavík, voted for the PM’s Progressive Party.

A party which, in their campaign, preaching Islamophobia.

Shame on them.

Shame on them.

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