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Belgium will beat Brazil in the World Cup final in Brazil in just over a month.

Third place will go to Uruguay, after they beat Nigeria in the game for bronze.

England will end in third place in Group D, behind Italy and Uruguay and not qualifying for the next round.

The only Icelander playing in the World Cup, the US forward Aron Jóhannsson, finds his team in the most difficult group, Group G. At the World Cup the USA will struggle against Germany, Portugal, and Ghana.

Germany and Ghana will qualify for the next step.

There are some teams in the tournament which might bring some surprises.

Iran is one of them. Russia and Switzerland are other teams that can, on a good day, play great football.

I think the pressure will be too much for the Brazilian team at the very end; having 201,032,714 fantastic football fans on its back – the entire population, of the fifth most populous country in the world.

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