Fabulous Forecast (PS)


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I told my wife that I need to take one or two images for Iceland Review magazine in Árneshreppur, in the Strandir region.

Árneshreppur is one of my favorite places in Iceland, and happens to be the municipality with fewest souls in Iceland: about 50 people and 5,505 sheep live in the area.

On the way the radio told us about the good and warm weather that would hit Iceland, with clear skies and temperature above 20°C / 68°F, for the whole republic, for the next couple of days.

And clear it was. Beautiful drive.

From sunny Hólmavík, there is the 100 km (60 Mile) scenic dead-end Route 643 to Árneshreppur, and for the first few kilometers the sun made a beautiful long shadow of our vehicle.

Then we hit the fog; the temperature dropped to 6°C (42°F), and stayed there for the next two days we were in the area.

The calls we got from friends and family, from all corners of Iceland, were all about the warm summer weather.

All the while we enjoyed the beauty of the Arctic fog; which happened (not for the first time) to only hit one of the most beautiful regions in Iceland: Árneshreppur in Strandir, in the Westfjords.

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