PM David (VH)


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The BBC can’t get it right,

Although its reporters are bright.

When quoting our PM it called

Him David; we’re truly appalled.

The truth is they know who’s in charge.

His presence, they notice, looms large.

Important as Sigmund may be,

There’s someone above him, you see.

So, let us not blame BBC

For thinking our PM is D.

The best of reporters can trip.

This was but a Freudian slip.

©Vala Hafstad —[email protected]

BBC (June 12, 2014): “But Prime Minister and Progressive Party leader David Gunnlaugsson rejects accusations that his supporters are flirting with racism, saying instead that they simply want an ‘open debate’ .”

Former PM Davíð Oddsson is editor in chief of daily Morgunblaðið.

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