World’s Best Diet (VH)


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Hot dogs and burgers and fries,

And soda in two-liter size,

Doughnuts and pancakes with Mix,

And Coke with Prince Polo or Twix.

Licorice, lollypops, juice,

Toblerone, Topas and mousse

Caramel, chocolate, and Mars,

Gummy bears, froggies and stars.

Vodka and Whiskey for thirst,

Corona and Carlsberg come first.

Cocktails, Kahlua, Cointreau,

Piña Colada, Pernod.

Experts in Britain have stressed

A diet like this is the best.

How come we’re heavy and fat?

They don’t have a clue about that.

© Vala Hafstad [email protected]

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