Misery-land (JB)


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Travelers visiting Iceland in recent weeks may have noticed the poor weather.

Ferocious wind and pouring rain has been hard to escape and the sun has rarely been able to claw her way out of the thick gray clouds that dominate the skies above Reykjavík.

For locals who’ve already had enough, the awful weather has been a disappointment to say the least. All we want is a bit of sun. We’re not asking for high-end summer temperatures, just a bit of a break from the precipitation and blasting wind we know all too well.

So, how to pass the time when the summer season is nothing but a tragic affair?

For those of us who’ve been able to escape to other lands further south it’s been a summer for bare legs, bikinis or colorful Speedos.

But in Iceland, this is not the case.

Should you be hosting a barbecue at your house on a miserable day, you better find shelter away from the rain and wind because otherwise you’ll be taking a hot shower before joining your fellow-diners.

To escape the wind and alarming amount of rain, an uncle of mine decided to barbecue for the family inside the garage with the door open.

Returning from a holiday in Italy was in no way pleasant after a heat wave.

Neither one of us has seen much sun since then, and it’s been almost three weeks. We hope for the best each week, but each week begins the same way with poor weather forecast for the days ahead.

So, what do Icelanders do?

Well, those who can afford it book a holiday to a summer resort. The cheapest option for families with children is accommodation with full board. It saves them from spending expensive Euros and gives them a chance to get out of the rain.Many Icelanders have begun using websites like Airbnb and Home Exchange, while others switch homes with friends and friends of friends to save money on accommodation.

And at this point, any place is better than here.

Weather like this makes me wonder why anyone at all chooses to live in a place where summer is so unpredictable. And with winters as long as they are, it it takes a hell of a person to choose to live in this climate.

Icelanders have a mentality like no other when it comes to weather. The most persistent of Icelanders swim in the sea during winter and wear t-shirts in the lower one-digit temperatures. I know a few.

The rest of us just get on with it most of the time, but it goes without saying that most of us pine for a good summer. The winter season is simply too long for us not to desperately pine for a decent summer.

And at this point, most of us cannot take any more of this crazy so-called summer.

A smart Icelandic con-man or con-woman should come up with a way to steal good weather from warmer parts of the world.

Good weather is worth a lot around here.

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