To Kill or Not to Kill (PS)


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The Prime Minister’s Progressive Party has fought a winning battle to ban the import of foreign meat and dairy products to Iceland.

In daily Morgunblaðið, chairman of the parliamentary group of the Progressive Party, Sigrún Magnúsdóttir, wrote an opinion piece where she argued that the longevity of Icelanders was because of our clean agricultural products; the free roaming mountain lamb and the grass-fed bulls. Meat from Europe and the United States is dangerous for our health. We could and would die of these unhealthy products.

For me, who has traveled all over the continents on the both sides of the Atlantic, I thought, shall I inform the public I meet abroad of the imminent danger they are in, consuming locally-produced products?

When I travel to the Kingdom of Denmark tomorrow I will definitely bring a leg of lamb, some ham, half a chicken and meat to make a couple of burgers.

Then I will be safe.

And being safe, eating safe, is the top priority in Iceland.

Yesterday, I stopped by the waterfall Seljalandsfoss to take one image.

At the parking lot is a small food stand. I asked the kid who was working there if they had baked and made the pastries themselves.

“No we are not allowed to bake and sell locally-made cakes. We could kill tourists,” he said.

“So, did a bakery in nearby Hvollsvöllur make them?” I asked.

“No, no. We buy them frozen from Germany. It’s cheaper.”

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