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The mobile app I like the most, the one I use the most, is HERE maps. Truly amazing.

I remember five years ago, when I flew with my family to Denver, Colorado, to ski, I rented a GPS device with the rental car and drove straight from the airport to the downtown hotel we had booked.

It was an empty lot; the hotel had burned down three years earlier and the GPS database was old.

That does not happen with HERE maps on the mobile, it is always up to date.

Except for the Faroe Islands. When will they be covered? Liechtenstein is, as is Benin, Brunei and Burundi but not the 18 most beautiful islands in the world.

The first thing I bought for my Canon 1DX was the GP-E1GPS receiver, which costs the same as a middle range smartphone.

With it I can spot exactly where every image has been taken. Brilliant.

My new Sony cameras, RX1R and A7R, do not have built-in GPS receivers and you can’t buy it as an extra. I really miss that feature.

And Sony, as one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, should not have a problem including a GPS as a standard in their professional cameras.

And talking about Sony, the rumor is that in September, at the Photokina Fair, they will launch their first medium format, a 50 MP camera with the same sensor Sony is selling Hasselblad and Pentax. Rumor says the Sony camera with a fast fixed Zeiss lens, like the RX1, but of course a lot bigger.

That is by far the most exciting camera gear rumor I have heard in years, decades and centuries.

Exactly the camera I have been dreaming about.

With or without GPS, I will be the first in line to get one.

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