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Let’s all get our bibs ready and prepare for the next edition of Restaurant Day on August 17.

Just in case you are not familiar with the concept of Restaurant Day, on this special day anyone can set up a restaurant, café or bar for a day. Yes, just anyone. You choose the location—at your home, office, on a street corner, in your garden, at a park, or on the beach— (almost) everything is possible and you decide what you want to offer be it soup, tea, candy, fish kebabs or whatnot.

Restaurant Day Iceland

Photos courtesy of Restaurant Day Reykjavík.

Restaurant Day is the world’s biggest food carnival and happens all over the world four times a year.

So far, over 9,000 one-day restaurants by an estimated 38,500 restaurateurs have fed about 1,060,000 customers

Restaurant Day Iceland

Although it is still one month to this brilliant event, there are plenty of interesting pop-up restaurants in the works already.

The event first came to Reykjavík in 2012, with five to 15 pop-up restaurants opening their doors each time since then, including everything from Japanese lunch boxes to tacos to theatrical food/design experiences to Tiramisu served from a window of an old timber house.

Restaurant Day Iceland

Oh, that Tiramisu... sweet memories. Just thinking about it makes me drool. Said divine Italian dessert was sold out of a second floor window in a typically Icelandic timber house in the city center. Once a customer approached, a basket was lowered from the window. This was probably the coolest way anybody has ever served me anything to eat.

If you like to cook or bake and are interested in participating you should follow the instructions on the event’s website.

Restaurant Day Iceland

And if you are just interested in eating great food (like me) you should make the best of it and roam the streets of Reykjavík at the next event tracking down those pop-up restaurants.

What a great concept: a bunch of people who have nothing really in common but their love for cooking and baking delicious meals and goodies setting up a pop-up restaurant in their own backyard or home selling their home made tidbits to people.

So now you know what to do on August 17. Verði þér að góðu!

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