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Summer is both the quietest time of year and the busiest. People are all over the place trying to make the most of a well-deserved holiday, sometimes at the cost of getting less rest than was intended.

That perfect balance of rest and travel is hard to manage, and perhaps in particular for parents with children who play sports. This past weekend, an annual soccer tournament for girls was held in Kópavogur with large numbers of participants and their families attending.

The weather was wet but still warm enough to play soccer and camp, that is, if you had a raised platform in your tent. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing that happened to me at a campsite in Germany on my way to Turkey over a decade ago, has happened to a few campers in Iceland this summer. My tent, as well as several others, flooded in a huge rainstorm and we ended up sleeping inside our overland truck.

Every day in Iceland this summer, the meteorologist delivers the same news to an already-weeping public longing for sun.

In other news, RÚV, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, asked the president’s office whether he planned on staying in office for a full four–year term, as he had hinted during his campaign that he might only stay for half a term. According to the president’s secretary, the president made it quite clear that he would stay in office for a full term. Personally, I am of the opinion that it is a bad rule of ethics to apply for a position when you are not sure you can do the job for the period of time you are hired to do so. So, regardless of what opinion we have of the office or the president, he has an obligation to stay in office.

Another big story in the news last week was the on-going internal politics of the Progressive Party. Several members of the party have resigned from the party, or expressed support for those who have, over the mosque issue.

Also this week was news of the discovery of the body of the woman who went missing with her partner in Fljótdalshlíð last month. The whole case is a tragedy and what happened remains unknown, but at least for her family and friends, the time of uncertainty is over.

But it wasn’t all sad or controversial news last week. On Saturday, MMA athlete Gunnar Nelson won another UFC fight. Many rooted for him and one of the cinemas even showed the fight on one of their screens. One of the elements I can appreciate about him is his down-to-earth response to his successes in the sport. Whether his sport is violent or not, he as a person is a good role model.

The last story that caught my attention last week was a story about an Icelandic man and his wife, from the U.S., now a few months pregnant with their first child, and how her application for residency in Iceland proved unsuccessful.

It got me thinking how lucky I am to have had my mom to help my South African husband and I through the pile of regulations that come with the application process. We were lucky and all worked out. But I can’t help thinking how things would have worked out if we hadn’t had her to help us out.

So, despite the uninteresting weather conditions in a country which loves news about the weather, there is still plenty going on in Iceland.

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