Dispute over Socks (VH)


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Police work can be quite exciting
When imbecile couples start fighting.
My parents do not appear bright
When picking a marital fight.

They fight over what is for dinner
And which of them ought to be thinner,
Or which one has too much to drink,
And who should be seeing a shrink.

They quarrel about who is brighter
And who could have been the best writer.
They fight over money and stocks.
Last night, though, they fought over socks.

At that point I thought their contention
Required police intervention.
I figured the sight of a cop—
And nothing else—might make them stop.

I called up the cops in a hurry
And told them, “I honestly worry
My parents are going berserk.
For you, this is interesting work.”

They came and my parents stopped fighting.
The cops left a message in writing:
“When socks are a problem for you,
Don't worry, just call 1-1-2.”

© Vala Hafstad – [email protected]

Iceland Review: Police Called out over Sock Dispute

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