A Leak and a Lady (VH)


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There once was a powerful female
With ties to an infamous email
Containing a serious leak.
Her future appears to be bleak.

Her ministry leaked information
Regarding a guy’s reputation.
They called him a trader of slaves,
Which made, understandably, waves.

The scandal would not be forgotten.
Her critics said something smelled rotten.
Police were supposed to find out
Who leaked what we’re talking about.

The chief of police then retired.
Some say that he feared being fired.
Another was hired instead,
Which made all the critics see red.

Our government can’t be depicted
As one that’s by morals constricted.
They play by no ethical rules.
Such nonsense, they say, is for fools.

A leak is embarrassing, sticky.
When faced with a problem that tricky,
It’s wise to withdraw for a while—
At least for a lady with style.

© Vala Hafstad – [email protected]

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