The Best Burger (PS)


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Yesterday, in the good weather, I waited almost one hour in line to get a burger.

Was it worth it? Yes.

On Saturday, Iceland’s only Michelin-star chef, Agnar Sverrisson, opened his first restaurant in Iceland, Dirty Burgers & Ribs, in a small former gas station on Miklabraut in Reykjavík.

Only two items are on the menu: cheeseburgers and spare ribs.

People queuing up outside the new restaurant Dirty Burgers & Ribs in Reykjavík.People queuing up outside the new restaurant Dirty Burgers & Ribs in Reykjavík.

Agnar has one restaurant in London, Texture at Portman Square, and three wine bars called 28°50°.

To find the right meat for his burgers, Agnar blind-tested beef from 14 Icelandic meat production companies. “It is cow meat, not from young bulls. The older the animal is, the stronger the taste,” he told me yesterday.

Before trying Agnar’s burgers, my favorite hamburgers were those made at Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar. They are great, so great in fact, that Tómas has opened Burger Joints, as his restaurants are called abroad, in London, Copenhagen and Berlin. Soon a Burger Joint will open in Oslo too.

Burger King and McDonalds have tried to enter the Icelandic market without success. Icelanders seem to prefer quality burgers, so they had to close down their operations in Reykjavík.

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