PM on Foreign Meat (VH)


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The threats from abroad are appalling.
As head of your state, it's my calling
To keep you from going insane
From meat that's a risk to your brain.

Just look at the nations around us;
The way they behave does astound us:
The US statistics are sad.
Their cows and their people are mad.

The French are cantankerous, grumpy;
They smoke too much, tend to be jumpy,
And Belgians do keep us amazed:
They all appear totally crazed.

A parasite lurks in their cattle.
They face an impossible battle
And no longer know what to do.
I won't let that happen to you.

I'm fighting this menace with vigor.
If threatened, I'm pulling the trigger.
My mind is as clear as can be,
Because it is parasite-free.

© Vala Hafstad [email protected]

Iceland Review: PM Fears Behavior-Changing Microbe in Imported Meat

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