Bárðarbunga Speaks (VH)


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The state of affairs makes me queasy,
And life in this land isn't easy:
Corrupt politicians abound
And ethical rules can't be found.

I'm shaking with fury, frustration—
The source of a major sensation.
A webcam is pointed my way—
My privacy gone, night and day.

The curious follow my actions.
I think I am having contractions:
A fiery flood will be born
That postcards and books will adorn.

With rage I am rapidly swelling
And this is my way of rebelling.
I'm certainly sick to the core,
Erupting as never before.

© Vala Hafstad - [email protected]

Iceland Review, front-page.

Vala is the author of News Muse: Humorous Poems Inspired by Strange News, available in bookstores and on

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