Stability Tax (VH)


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(The PM explains—maybe)

Our country was ailing and out of control.
We needed a quick panacea.
Support seemed to dwindle in poll after poll.
I suddenly had an idea.

The party convention was coming up soon.
I had to create a sensation.
The answer was obvious one afternoon:
Stability tax for the nation!

A tax, I would promise, to cure all our ills—
A stabilization creator.
I'd say it would cover our debts and our bills.
(The details I'd figure out later.)

I never had time to explain it to you—
How high or for whom it's intended.
I don't have a clue, for the term is too new.
You ought to admit it sounds splendid.

In the news:

PM's Plan to Remove Capital Controls Causes Debate

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