Race for the Future (PS)


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One of the best days in the Reykjavík calendar is the Multicultural Day in mid-May.

Here hundreds, thousands of people living in the capital stroll through the center and end up at the city hall.

There, people show us the food and culture from the countries they happen to have be born in.

When I grew up, only half a century ago, Iceland was like an island: no tourists, no foreigners.

The first, far away foreigners I can remember were the Vietnamese boat people, forty years ago. The government accepted a few families to move to Iceland. They achieved modest success, opening Asian restaurants, and teaching us that good food is more than over-boiled ýsa (haddock), or salted lamb.

Now, another and much bigger humanitarian crisis is taking place in the Middle East. It is the biggest crisis in seventy years.

The government and people of Iceland should open up their borders to the suffering families from Syria.

No later than now.

Páll Stefánsson -- [email protected]

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