Afternoon Delights (ESA)


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I’ve been baking a lot lately. There have been leftover bananas at work and rather than throwing them out, I’ve tried out different banana bread, muffin and cake recipes. My husband and son have been very happy with the results.

It always amazes me how many different recipes one can make with basically the same ingredients.

With flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, milk, butter and eggs you can make the leaf-thin Icelandic pancakes, rolled up with sugar or served as cream and jam filled squares.

If you make the dough a bit thicker and perhaps exchange some of the milk for sour milk, you have waffle dough. Waffles are just as also popular to have with afternoon coffee in Iceland as pancakes; they are often served with rhubarb jam and cream.

A bit thicker still and you can make lummur, which are similar to American pancakes in shape and size. You can take out some of the flour and add oatmeal or leftover porridge instead.

Raisins are common in traditional lummur, while others experiment with blueberries—or indeed bananas. They usually are eaten with a sprinkle of sugar.

Again, using the same recipe, you can make skonsur, the Icelandic version of scones, which are of the same size as Icelandic pancakes but thicker. They can be fried on the pancake pan and then they are cut up into squares, buttered and served with cheese and jam.

These are the typical Icelandic afternoon delights but many more different versions of the same recipe exist around the world.

What’s your favorite?

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