The PM's 17th of June Address (VH)


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The PM's 17th of June Address

Today, I address you, my nation.

I sense there is fury, frustration,

So let me remind you, I'm swell;

I've served you incredibly well.


I've battled the EU with vigor

By writing a letter with rigor.

I'm busy dividing the pie

Between my old friends, by and by.


Your wages have never been higher.

You buy all the things you desire.

That's why I don't get why you strike,

Demanding a salary hike.


On Facebook, you're terribly crappy.

In polls, you declare that you're happy.

You're clearly completely insane;

There's something not right in your brain.


Although you're all troubled and crazy,

Ungrateful, bad-tempered and lazy,

Remember, you gave me the crown.

No chance that I'll ever step down.


© Vala Hafstad —[email protected]

Vala is the author of News Muse: Humorous Poems Inspired by Strange News, available in bookstores and on

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