An Interview with the PM (VH)


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Political work is my calling.
In polls, though, I’m falling and falling.
But polls, as we know, have that swing.
I tell you, they don’t mean a thing.

The voters all need to be trusting.
Instead, they’ve been really disgusting.
They call me dishonest and fake.
I say to them, “Give me a break!”

I only see Oddsson quite rarely.
I know where he lives, but just barely.
To ask if I seek his advice
Is simply not tactful or nice.

And Grímsson invites me for coffee.
He offers me chocolate and toffee.
I’m trying so hard to lose weight.
There’s always too much on my plate.

We’re working on healthcare and housing;
My speeches on those have been rousing.
We feel all your trouble and pain.
Our prayers will not be in vain.

Let’s pray that our nurses will stay here
No matter how poorly we pay here.
A hospital cannot come quick.
We pray that we’ll never get sick.

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