Midnight Walk (JB)


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To stroll in the summer night, the sky lit up whether it’s cloudy or clear, is a wonderful thing.

In the distance, yet so intimately close, mountains in a shade of almost purple, blue glow in the night. The patches of leftover snow have almost faded, conquered by summer at last.

Oh so close is the magnificent tranquil ocean, oh so still and oh so beautiful! The temptation to run in and swim in the beautiful water is almost too much to resist. The world is perfect in this enchanting stillness.

This abundance of freedom that we take for granted in Iceland is all too rare in a world where people have lost faith in one another.

I love nothing more than to share this moment with my sweetheart Emma. She, the love of our life, is the perfect companion for such a magical walk.

On Saturday night, just after midnight, my dog Emma and I took a walk down to the beach before going to bed. Emma led the way and even though I wanted to protest, the joy in her eyes was impossible to resist.

We walked at our own pace, quietly taking in the scenery and the serenity in the bright night. It was 14°C (57ºF) and in the stillness of the night, even 14°C felt wonderful.

The night was entirely ours to explore together and that we did. For a while, I wondered whether I should deny her the joy of swimming in the sea but how could I on such a beautiful night, a night on which I wanted to do the very same thing?

I worried about her bringing the black sand to bed and having to dry her after rinsing her in the shower. But it was a selfish thought that I dismissed immediately. After all, on a night like this, she is more than welcome to dry in the fresh air.

But she was uninterested in swimming. There was a scent in the air that was even more curious to her than the still sea. With her nose up in the air, she dove through the tall grass, sometimes disappearing out of sight but soon returning to me with a big smile.

Not so far from us was a group of people on the beach listening to music together, some sitting and others standing, like us enjoying the stillness of the summer twilight.

Nights like these are divine.

They are irresistible.

They make us feel alive.

They bring peace to our world, peace and tranquility that soothes the soul and makes us, Emma and me, feel as if we are in a world of our own, a world that is simply perfect.

Not so far away from this tranquility is the city center, wild and savage from human intoxication. It’s a far away world from the perfect stillness. For me, the beachis a far better place to experience the real twilight nights.

Two worlds, so close yet so different from one another, are within a radar of one kilometer.

I know which world Emma and I choose on a beautiful summer night.

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