This Summer (PS)


Páll Stefánsson's picture

It is the coldest summer in a long long time, here in Iceland.

For the last few years, Iceland has been blessed with warm and sunny summers, especially in the North and East of the country.

Last night, the main news story on RÚV, the state owned television channel, was that the first half of the year was the warmest in the world since measurements started centuries ago, breaking last year’s record.

But the heat is not evenly spread. While thousands upon thousands are dying in the subcontinent of India—Iceland, and the eastern part of Siberia, are experiencing unstable and cold weather this summer.

But this is Iceland, and I don’t mind being in the great outdoors in five degree weather and rain, at the height of the summer.

The air is at least crisp and clear, and the thick fog embraces you, like it did a few days ago in the island of Flatey on Skjálfandi bay.

Iceland at its best.

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