A Fish Called Herring (PS)


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I love herring.

When I studied photography in the Kingdom (of Sweden), it was the cheapest and best food to eat for a poor student.

Imported herring from Iceland. Four days a week.

Herring has always been a staple food and delicacy in the countries of the Baltic Sea, and in Russia, the biggest market for herring from Iceland. And last week, the Russians put an embargo on the import of Icelandic food products to the Motherland.

The reason: because Iceland, along with other nations in Western Europe, plus Canada and the US, have stopped allowing Russians to buy the latest high technology weaponry from the West.

For that matter, Iceland does not manufacture any weapons, except hens' eggs, but that is very low-tech weaponry, aimed at politicians, at short range.

But Iceland supports the weapon sales ban.

Mother Russia now has ten thousand soldiers inside Ukraine, and forty thousand by its border.

Yes, for the first time in seventy years, there is cross-border conflict in Europe.

It should be stopped by all means.

Out of the blue, some parliamentarians from the government parties have asked the government to withdraw its support for the weapon sales ban on Russia.

By that they mean that the herring trade between Russia and Iceland is so important for the Icelandic economy, and the ongoing conflict has nothing to do with Iceland.

Far from the truth.

Even if we are only a herring fishing nation in northwestern Europe.

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