Letter to David Cameron (VH)


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Dear David, I’ll send you my power

And charge by the kilowatt-hour.

You Brits will again see the light—

No blackouts; your future is bright.


Who says that the mood here is sour?

To me, it’s the happiest hour.

I’m having a bottle of beer

For this is a reason to cheer.


Who cares about nature protection?

For that, I have zero affection.

I’m tired of tourists and now

I’ll rid us of them; here is how:


I’ll dam every creek on the island—

Especially those in the highlands.

To me, they are rivers of gold

With power that ought to be sold.


Our rivers should not be admired

For looks, but for power acquired.

And powerful, that’s what I am

When building up dam after dam.


And then all the tourists will leave us;

It certainly will not aggrieve us.

We’re tired of crowds and of queues,

Which day after day bring the blues.


Then rent will go down as expected,

And I’ll be the one reelected.

They’ll call me the man with the might

To tell the Brits, “Let there be light.”


That’s all I can say in my letter.

Our friendship is better and better,

And playing with Legos was wise:

It’s good to build ties without ties.


© Vala Hafstad —[email protected]

Vala is the author of News Muse: Humorous Poems Inspired by Strange News, available in bookstores and on

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