Winter Madness (JB)


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I am in love, in love with the incredible beauty that is all around me.

I am so grateful to wake up and see the hills of snow that now shape the landscape in my garden, and the graceful snowfall that brightens up the world and reminds us all of Iceland’s finest treasure, the nature in all its glory.

I am not the only one enjoying the tall piles of snow; my darling dog Emma is a big fan, too. She is not one to wade carefully through the hills of soft snow; no, she swims through one after another and charges the waves of white snow as if they were gentle waves at sea.

It fills me with such pride to see her beautiful face light up under these extraordinary conditions. Her happiness makes me all the happier .

Sunday, December 6th, was a beautiful day. A day so perfect that it would have been a shame to stay inside.

Emma and I went out for a long walk in the snow to the lovely shore in our delightful little neighborhood near the city center.

The hills of snow along the shore were nearly untouched and for a dog with small and slender, but muscular, feet, it was not the easiest of passings.

It wasn’t for me either. On this occasion, I used it as a training ground for my running, but it was far from easy. More importantly though was the fact that it was so much fun to play with my girl in the snow and have that special moment with her.

But every weekend comes to an end, and now, as another week commences, the skies are radically different.

Monday December 7 may begin quietly but as the day goes on, a fierce blow will strike across the land, commencing in the south around noon and in the capital area and the western parts of the country later in the afternoon.

The Icelandic Met Office and the Civil Protection are asking people to stay inside and let the weather pass. People are asked to clear the drains and make sure the rising temperature that follows will not cause flooding in properties.

Most people will oblige to the recommendations of the experts, of that I am sure, but there are always those who think their vehicle or experience is superior to the forceful weather.

On days like these, I do wonder why there is not a state-run weather channel with 24-hour observation and reporting. Iceland is definitely one of those countries where a weather channel would quite possibly be entertaining at times, at least as long as we are in a warm place.

Despite the discomfort of driving on roads clad in snow and ice, it is my heartfelt wish that the beautiful snowy hills will not abandon us for months to come.

The snow deprives the darkness of its power to consume the mind with gloom and instead reflects light into every corner.

Everything is just perfect.

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