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As a child, the road to Christmas was a slow one and the journey that of impatience for a child who adores Christmas.

As an adult, I have genuinely been excited about Christmas almost every year. It’s always been the season of joy for me and even though it has not at all been associated with the religious side of the festivities, the heart of it has been the company of the people I love the most, and, every now and then, in a place of adventure.

For me, Christmas is about the people we love and the people we care most about. We want to make them happy, to see them break into a smile when they open a gift, carefully chosen for them, and realize how much the giver cares.

I am very lucky to have a family who is genuinely wonderful and it amazes me every year just how well they know me. Despite my having spent years traveling and working far from their embrace, they know me.

However, this year, and to be honest, the past two years, I have found myself less excited about the holiday season. I am not quite sure for what reason this change of spirit has occurred.

Is it because I am all too tired of the wintery conditions (albeit snow in December is perfectly picturesque)? Or is it perhaps that I don’t have kids?

To be honest, I am not sure what the reason is. All I know is that of late I am more excited about my travel plans and having an adventure.

I suppose the darkness so dominant this time of year and my far-too-settled gypsy feet play a role in it. By the time December arrives, it’s already been two months of winter and, let’s face it, autumn is not the warmest of seasons on this small piece of land in the North Atlantic Ocean.

This year, I have tried my best to be excited about the holidays. And in a way I am.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the whole family this year on Christmas Eve and that will include two dogs, named Emma (my little big darling) and Lotta (the latest member of my niece’s little family).

But, nonetheless, time has passed too quickly. I needed time to slow down a little bit in December.

On the day of the massive snowfall at the beginning of December, my heart was bursting with excitement as the city of Reykjavík was illuminated by colorful strings of lights and the glowing snow.

The holiday spirit got hold of me momentarily.

But then, as happens in life, the snow melted and I was busy juggling the balls of daily life, and did not give myself the time to enjoy this month as I did as a child. I think I can count on one hand the number of Christmas songs I have listened to

The thrill of having an evening out with my little family, walking along the illuminated streets of the city center and simply enjoying the mood of the season is one of the joys of December. But I have been too busy, the third year in a row, to take the time to enjoy it.

The magic of the holiday season is truly the slowing down of time, seizing the moment, and taking time to do the leisurely holiday things in life.

So, now that I have a week to enjoy the holiday season, I will do my very best to create fond memories and fill my heart with a happy holiday spirit.

Christmas in Iceland is about more than just Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s about slowing down the pace and enjoying the company of the people we treasure the most.

It’s all about taking the time to be happy.

If you are spending Christmas in Iceland, then do take the time to just enjoy the rich holiday spirit.

And if you were wondering, the outlook is good for an idyllic white Christmas.

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