Not Gonna Run (VH)


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(To Be Sung to Wings’ ‘Band on the Run’)

Stuck inside these four walls

President forever

Never seeing no one

Interesting but you

Dorrit, you


If I ever get out of here

Thought of giving my ties away

To a registered charity

All I need is a holiday

If I ever get out of here


Well, the work load’s heavy

And it wears me down

And I never see the sun

So I said to Dorrit

When the year began

“I just ain’t having fun”


Not gonna run, not gonna run

And on New Year’s Day

I told them all

“I want to see the sun

I’m not gonna run, not gonna run

I’m not gonna run, not gonna run”


But in April they all drew a heavy sigh

Seeing no one strong had come

There were demonstrations in the city square

And they forced me to succumb

Told me to run

I had to run

I would save them all

From a major brawl

I, the chosen one


So I said I would run

Said I would run

Said I would run


Then the questions started

With the paper flow and they brought me on the show

When they asked if anything would come to light

I said, “No, no, no, no, no.”


Now I won’t run, no I won’t run

For the candidates who showed up late

Are men who get things done

So I’m not gonna run

Not gonna run

Not gonna run

Not gonna run


Vala Hafstad

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