The Winner is the People of Iceland


Páll Stefánsson's picture

The winner of Saturday’s parliamentary election is the people of Iceland.

Out of the 195,204 who voted, the anti-immigration, anti-European and anti-Muslim party Íslenska Þjóðfylkingin, the Icelandic National Front, got only 303 votes, or 0.2 percent. That’s a clear signal.

In the other Nordic nations, anti-immigration parties, have strong support, especially in the Kingdom of Sweden and the Queendom of Denmark. Not here.

Other winners are Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn, the Independence Party, which got 29.1 percent of the vote, up two percent; the Left-Greens, who got 15.8 percent, up five; and the Pirates, up nine and a half percent, to 14.4.

But the biggest winner must be Viðreisn, the Reform Party, a new party which got 10.4 percent of the vote in its first election.

The biggest losers are the Social Democrats, whose party was almost wiped out; the Prime Minister’s party, the one hundred-year-old Framsóknarflokkur, the Progressive party, which lost more than half of its votes, getting only 11.5 percent. And of course the Icelandic National Front which only got zero point two percent of votes.

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