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(Former MP responds to egg farm scandal)


The national broadcasting station

Incessantly injures the nation

By airing what ought to be hidden.

Such work should be strictly forbidden.


On Monday, their program suggested

An egg farm had once been infested

With mice, but I must say I doubt it.

The buildings, they said, were too crowded.


The farmers are marketing heroes;

Their income has plenty of zeroes.

Disguising their product as healthy,

They managed to stay very wealthy.


Consumers want hens to have freedom;

The marketing soon would mislead’em.

They swore that the taste was terrific

(The reason was not scientific).


The packaging fooled them completely;

The cartons were labeled so neatly.

No sign that the hens were in trouble;

The price hid it all: it was double.


The national broadcasting station

Creates a belligerent nation:

Now, eggs have a new definition;

They’re weapons instead of nutrition.


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