Icelandic Laufabrauð Sold Abroad


Icelandic Laufabrauð Sold Abroad

Icelandic laufabrauð (‘leaf bread’), carved Christmas bread, is for sale in four countries: Canada, Finland, Japan and Norway.

Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

Designer and owner of the Leaf Bread Center, Laufabrauðssetur, in Akureyri Hugrún Ívarsdóttir has marketed the Icelandic Christmas delicacy for the past decade. The center also carries laufabrauð-inspired designs.

Hugrún told that she sometimes has to explain to people that the thin, crisp and carved cakes are food and not ornaments. She said she is happy that people are interested in the tradition but it remains to be seen how it will sell.

Click here to watch a video of making laufabrauð.


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