Avalanche Floods Geothermal Boreholes in North Iceland


Avalanche Floods Geothermal Boreholes in North Iceland

Staff of Iceland State Electricity company in North Iceland have been called out to inspect two boreholes which were covered under an avalanche in Skútudalur in Siglufjörður on Tuesday.

Archive photo: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

It is uncertain how much damage was done due to the avalanche. One of the boreholes is in use and continues to provide hot water to residents in Siglufjörður despite having been covered in snow, ruv.is reports.

Repair workers are searching for the boreholes with a GPS. Once found, they will clear the snow from the borehole.

The avalanche was 100 meters in width.

As reported earlier this week, heavy snowfall has resulted in roads being impassable and electricity being cut in some parts of the country.

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