Drive Safely in Iceland, Winter has Arrived


Drive Safely in Iceland, Winter has Arrived

Search and rescue teams picked up tourists in two rental cars stuck in snow yesterday. Two women were stuck at Uxahryggjaleið road, West Iceland, in a small car. The road (number 52) is a mountain road from Þingvellir National Park to Borgarfjörður and is currently closed. Even during the summer, a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.


Photo: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

The second incident occurred on road 435, from Reykjavík to Lake Þingvallavatn, when two men got stuck in snow in a small SUV. After repeated attempts at freeing the car, the vehicle was left undrivable, reports.

Before heading out on a road trip in Iceland visit for up to date road conditions and for weather.